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Full-Time Dedicated Bookeep Professional

Get your trained and dedicated offshore bookkeeper working for 8 hours a day, 5 days a week as your extended arm in India! The full-time dedicated Bookkeepro will work as your own staff, trained as per your business specific or your  accounting firms needs and always available for your needs and always available for your needs.  The dedicated bookkeeper will work according to your bookkeeping priorities which you may set on a daily or weekly or monthly basis and will be based in Pune or Sagar in India, aligned to your reporting needs, with oversight by our US Bookeeper

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Hourly Bookkeepro

Manage temporary spikes in your bookeeping workload by engaging our hourly trained offshore bookkeeper. It often become uneconomical for Accounting Firms or Businesses to hire full-time Bookeepers onsite to manage your seasonal workload spikes. During such times, your in-house staff also tends to get overloaded with work which often impacts your work quality, timliness and leads to attrition. To help you navigate the above problems, we bring to you this special hourly enagement modelm, with minimum 8 hours a week, so that you can effecyvely manage your temporary spikes in work and avoid losing your clients (for Accounting firms) and or Business

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USA / UK Tax
Bookeep Professional

Accounting firms can manage their tax filing season with ease with our dedicated onsite/offshore Bookkeeper, where we provide you with qualified, Trained and expert resources to handle your clients’ tax return preparations. Our bookkeeper will work with you alongside with clockwork precision to provide you with an unparalleled support and seamless experience during your tax return preparation process. Accounting firms can free up their onsite valuable resources for more value added work for your clients, while getting same value for their regular tax return processing work by offshoring it to Bookkeepr in India, thereby unlocking and delivery true value for your clients at a fraction of cost!

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